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Jan Attard  |  April 5, 2022


One lesson learned, never allow fear, greed and envy to win. Keep your nose to the grindstone. You get in life what you deserve. Never be so proud not to work hard, focus on something you are passionate about. Save, invest, and prosper in this amazing short life we are gifted with. Feel honored- care.

Slow and steady wins the race. Begin today, not in fear, not anxious, even when it seems we are heading into a deep dark recession. Your priority today, slow down, look at you. What makes you happy? What do you want most in this life? Strategize, gain the most in your lifetime. Do it! Your job is not everything. Start growing your tree with additional branches which contain a compendium of investments each with their own personality and ability to gain momentum over time. It there a hobby or adventure you have been waiting to do? What are you waiting for! Go for it! Life is precious. Health is precious.

Focus, learn and understand all types of investments. Even when the market is down. Never stop your pursuit of keying in and understand your top priorities. Gain an understanding of what it takes to invest, the sacrifice and discipline it demands, the exact timing of entry points for your investment choices. 

To purchased AAPL, TSLA and AMAZON when they initially IPO'd, holding through all modulations of the market, would have made you a great deal of money  and granted you security and time. (Your choice) Similarly, building a farm on bare earth, or a home in a great location with structural integrity on the coast of Maine may not make as much as stock holdings, but you would double your money, had a place to call home, relax, enjoy life, experience, and because of your patience have paid it off and been "free". 

Both real estate and the stock market provide long-term financial gains, all investments come with substantial risk. There are no guarantees. You get what you deserve. Choosing the "right" investment strategy is key. Know investment vehicles available at your employment. Make use of these choices to your benefit long term. Trust time, do not be led by emotion, hedge against risk, diversify into lead sectors. What do we need- housing, internet to connect to each other, cars to drive to a destination, medications, hospitals to deliver babies, flowers, and travel destinations. Be abreast of trends and hot advances. Follow companies who have taken us through hard times and survived.

In the end, the choice is yours. Awareness matters. The best choice is to be happy, to care for yourself, to treasure "wealth" whether that means one dollar or one thousand dollars or one million dollars. Start with an emergency fund, pay off credit cards, build your credit score high. Gain personal momentum by "feeling" and claiming personal power from not having to live paycheck to paycheck. Whether you decide to purchase a home or allow a management company to lease you a structure you call home. Plant your feet on the ground, establish roots. Your mental state changes when you take control, trust me.

If you invest in the Stock Market, find a trusted fiduciary to manage your choices, or direct yourself to research top companies, top management, fundamentals, money flow, momentum, to assess monetary activity. Investments of all kinds demands discipline, time, money, and attention to every detail. Neither an investment in Real Estate or an Investment in the Stock Market is self-driven without the need for diligent, collaborative interaction, and maintenance of your investment strategy. The master plan is caring for yourself. Daily consider the big picture. Time is precious. Make every moment count.

In the end whatever struggle, whatever hardship, you get what you deserve. 

I am here to mentor and empower you to stabilize and grow your wealth!

This process all starts from within.....

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